The Hang Lung Young Architects Program

Date: 28/09/2019

Five of our S5 students (5C Tung Ching Hei, 5C Ng Tsz Hei, 5D Huang Ka Yee, 5E Ma Kan Yan and 5E Wong Pui Sze) joined The Hang Lung Young Architects Program this year. The Hang Lung Young Architects Program aims to inspire students with the beauty and stories of architecture, providing students with basic architectural knowledge and encouraging them to explore the relationship between architecture and our communities. The opening ceremony was held on the 28th September 2019. With the guidance of professional architects, students are going to participate in three seminar modules, walking tours and workshops to learn the skills of sketching, 3D model making, digital 3D modelling, site analysis and community planning. Finally, they will take part in a creative project. We hope that our students will treasure the experience of learning architecture through different activities.