UNICEF Young Envoys Programme 2017

Date: 19/05/2017

Kwan Ka Ho Ben (5D) has been selected as one of the UNICEF Young Envoys in the UNICEF Young Envoys Programme 2017. In the past three months, he made a board display and hold a fundraising sale at school to raise fund for UNICEF and to let our students explore global and local issues in relation to children’s rights. Currently, Ben is helping UNICEF organise a carnival to raise people’s awareness towards the issues, in the hope that local youngsters can better understand the difficulties and challenges children facing globally. In summer, he will go on a field trip to South-east Asia or the mainland China to visit UNICEF’s work in the field. This is surely an eye-opening experience for Ben and it is hoped that more people can partner with UNICEF in bringing changes to children’s lives.