Joint School Music Competitions – Orchestra and Ensemble - Gold Prize

Date: 02/05/2018

Our school Strings Orchestra participated in the Joint School Music Competition on 2nd May 2018. Students played a medley from ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ with a percussive, spirited mood. They were awarded the Silver Prize and were praised for their good tone colour and cooperation between sections. Besides, our orchestra also joined the symphony orchestra competition. They played the colourful and lively famous piece, Hungarian Dance no.5 by Brahms. They were praised for their good cooperation and balance of different parts. We were awarded Silver Prize too. The hard work of the team members paid off. Congratulations to our orchestra members.

Furthermore, our ensemble team was awarded the Gold prize with 90 marks. The three dances played in the performance were highly commended by the adjudicator. The three pieces were full of colour changes with appropriate interpretation. Our students were also presented an excellent ensembleship. Congratulations to the ensemble team!